skin scar close-up photo

Scar treatments

When it comes to laser scar treatments, safety and experience matter. With over a decade of Emergency Room experience treating wounds and injuries, Dr. Gentry understands skin damage and skin scars.

As a physician-owned clinic, we leverage state-of-the-art lasers and modern medicine to safely and effective treat skin scars. Our team has successfully treated C-section scars, chin scars, facial scars, sun-related scars, acne scars and scars relating to falls and injuries.

Lasers scar treatment and options

From 30-year-old scars to recent injuries, our laser and microneedling treatments can delicately, yet aggressively, target stubborn scars. Our ProFactional lasers and laser phototherapy treatments, combined with platelet rich plasma and micro-needling therapies, help deliver a multi-pronged approach reducing scar tissue and improving the appearance of scars.

While every patient is different, we can generally improve the appearance of most any type of scars. To learn more, schedule a free consultation today.