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Laser skin treatments

Our aggressive laser skin treatments deliver superior results —while keeping patients safe and comfortable.

From wrinkles, scars and unwanted hair to sun damage and acne, we serve patients across Northwest Arkansas with cost-effective skin laser treatments.

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  • Aggressive & non-aggressive lasers

Laser scar removal treatments

When it comes to laser scar treatments, safety and experience matter. Dr. Gentry has the background and medical experience to safely and effectively remove scar damage and improve your skin. From 30-year-old scars to recent injuries, our FDA-approved laser lights can delicately, yet aggressively, target stubborn scars. Our ProFactional lasers and laser phototherapy treatments, combined with platelet rich plasma and micro-needling therapies, deliver a multi-pronged approach removing scars.

Acne scar removal

There is no single cause, cure or treatment for acne. Acne scarring is similar—it effects every patient differently. We take steps to understand each patient and develop a customized acne scar removal treatment plan to meet your needs. Working with our laser specialists, we can safely eliminate redness, stimulate skin healing, and restore new growth—while keeping you comfortable in our Fayetteville clinic. Some of our acne scar removal treatments include, ProFactional Laser peels, micro-laser peels, and micro-needling.

“Medical training, experience and safety matter – especially with laser skin treatments.”

Nick Gentry, M.D.

Laser wrinkle treatments

As Northwest Arkansas’s laser wrinkle treatment specialist, Dr. Gentry can help you rejuvenate your skin, remove wrinkles and provide a more youthful appearance to your face. Our experienced team delivers a comfortable, painless patient experience, customized for your skin and unique needs. We have a wide-range of treatment options for wrinkle reduction, as well as cosmetic skincare products to fit any budget.

Laser hair removal

Experience is critical when it comes to hair laser removal. Ineffective treatments mean unwanted hair regrowth and repeat appointments, which cost time and money. Inexperienced laser technicians can even cause painful laser burns.

Using multiple different lasers hair removal treatments and techniques, we can safely eliminate unwanted hair. Depending on your skin type, hair color and treatment area, Dr. Gentry and our certified laser technician, Molly O’Meara, have a range of hair removal treatment options. Given the cost of life-long waxing appointments, permanent laser hair removal treatments can save you money.

Laser technology, procedures and PRP

We have a wide range of laser technology to different treat skin conditions, including our state-of-the-art Sciton Joule laser system. The level of aggressiveness ranges, depending on each patient. Some of our procedures and additional treatments include:

Nano Laser Peels- (Fine Lines, Superficial Wrinkles, Scar Removal, Skin Retexturing)
Microneedling Lasers (Moderate Wrinkles, Scar Removal, Skin Retexturing)
Corrective Photofacial Lasers (Sun Damage, Redness, Rosacea)
Pro-Factional Lasers (Advanced Skin Treatments)
Laser Vein Reduction
Laser Nail Fungus Treatments


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