Remove wrinkles, eliminate sagging skin and rejuvenate your face—without surgery. Discover fast, effective, affordable mini-facelift procedures.

Cosmetic facelifts & new trends

Across America and Northwest Arkansas, patients have turned away from the traditional facelift and embraced a fast, convenient, non-surgical alternative. From sagging skin and wrinkle bulging to neck fat and eye-bagging, the mini facelift “toolbox” of treatments options delivers results for many different patient-types.

Enhance offers flexible treatments to fit a wide-range of patient goals, timelines and budgets. Some of these procedures include lip enhancements, Botox injections, dermal fillers and PRP injections.

“It no longer takes a scalpel to get a facelift.”

Nick Gentry, M.D.

Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is a mini-facelift procedure that can be performed in under an hour with no down-time. It’s an affordable, yet effective, alternative to plastic surgery. It requires no general anesthesia or sedation and is increasingly popular among celebrities and actors.

The Vampire procedure starts by applying a topical numbing agent to the patient and drawing blood. After isolating growth factors from a patient’s own blood, we inject filler and set-up a scaffolding in the patient’s face. We then inject the PRP (growth factors) from that blood. Apart from some mild bruising or facial redness patients experience for 24-48 hours, recovery is generally quick. Enhance Vampire Facelift treatments options start at $1500. (One syringe filler with PRP)

Vampire Facial

While the Vampire Facelift is applied with an injection, the Vampire Facial is a topical procedure. It’s an attractive alternative treatment that also restores skin tone and texture.

Treatments start by drawing a patient’s blood, similar to a blood test. We then isolates platelets (PRP growth factors) from that blood—all within about 10 minutes in the office. Patients then experience a 30-40 minute micro-needling procedure, creating tiny channels so the PRP can penetrate the skin. Enhance Vampire Facial microneedling treatments with PRP start at $600.

Lip enhancements & brow lifts

We offer numerous lip enhancement and facial rejuvenation procedures, including dermal filler treatments. These procedures restore facial volume and reduce wrinkles, which commonly develop as skin dries and natural collagen weakens over time.

Specifically, filler hyaluronic acid injections replace a key natural substance the body loses with aging. With minimal downtime, they have emerged as a popular mini-facelift option, especially among first-time cosmetic medicine patients.

Some of the more popular filler treatments include Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma. It takes 30-45 minutes to perform most filler treatments at Enhance, and the results can last for 12 months. Some patients experience fillers results for 18-24 months.


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