Physician marking patient for nonsurgical facelift

Nonsurgical facelift

Across America and Northwest Arkansas, patients are turning away from surgical facelifts and embracing an alternative: the mini-facelift.

The mini-facelift is a collection of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that deliver results at a fraction of the cost of surgery. Given the advances in non-surgical technologies and shorter recovery periods, these clinic-based procedures have grown popular with many different patient-types.

Mini-facelift advantages

Cost — 10%-40% cost of surgical facelift

Convenience — Clinic-based procedure

Flexible — Incremental options

Time — No scalpel, faster recovery

Mini-facelift conditions & treatments

Enhance offers mini-facelift treatments options to fit a range of patient goals, timelines and budgets. Treatment conditions include eye-bagging, crows feet, neck fat, forehead wrinkles, brow sagging and skin bulging.

As far as procedures, the nonsurgical facelift “treatment toolbox” includes lip enhancements, dermal fillers, laser skin treatments, Coolsculpting and PRP injections. However, medicine is always-changing, this is especially true for non-surgical cosmetic treatments and technology.

Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is a specific mini-facelift procedure that can be performed in under an hour and requires no general anesthesia.

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