Physician marking patient for nonsurgical facelift

Nonsurgical facelift

Across America and Northwest Arkansas, patients have turned away from the traditional facelift and embraced a fast, convenient, non-surgical alternative. From sagging skin and wrinkle bulging to neck fat and eye-bagging, the mini facelift delivers flexibility and results at a fraction of the cost. Coupled with a faster procedure and recovery time, it’s emerged as an appealing option for many patients.

Enhance offers flexible treatments to fit a wide-range of patient goals, timelines and budgets. Some of these procedures include lip enhancements, cosmetic injections, dermal fillers and PRP injections.

“It no longer takes a scalpel to get a facelift.”

Nick Gentry, M.D.

Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is a mini-facelift procedure that can be performed in under an hour with no down-time. It’s an affordable, yet effective, alternative to plastic surgery. It requires no general anesthesia or sedation and is increasingly popular among celebrities and actors.

The Vampire procedure starts by applying a topical numbing agent to the patient and drawing blood. After isolating growth factors from a patient’s own blood, we inject filler and set-up a scaffolding in the patient’s face. We then inject the PRP (growth factors) from that blood. Apart from some mild bruising or facial redness patients experience for 24-48 hours, recovery is generally quick. Enhance Vampire Facelift treatments options start at $1500. (One syringe filler with PRP)