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Lip enhancement procedures

Plump, well-shaped lips can unlock a smile. Youthful lips with strong curves can also transform first impressions. Whatever your goals, Enhance offers a range of cost-effective options to increase lip size and achieve results.

Lip enhancements & dermal filler

Dermal fillers, an increasingly popular treatment across the country, are the primary lip augmentation treatment at Enhance. With minimal downtime, fillers have emerged as a popular, affordable procedure, especially with first-time patients.

Compared to surgical lip implants, filler is a less permanent procedure. The filler material generally breaks-down after one year. However, the convenience and adaptability of filler makes it a better choice for many patients, including those without price concerns.

Some of the more popular filler treatments include Juvederm Ultra and Volbella.

“Everyone at Enhance is friendly, honest, and professional … whether you are doing a little or a lot, you will always feel important.”

Candace R.
Enhance Patient | Springdale, Ark.

Lip treatments at Enhance

Dermal filler are sometimes combined with other treatments, which generally work to restore facial volume and reduce wrinkles, which commonly develop as skin dries and natural collagen weakens over time. Specifically, filler hyaluronic acid injections replace a key natural substance the body loses with aging.

It takes 30-45 minutes to perform most filler treatments at Enhance, and the results can last for 12 months. Some patients experience fillers results for 18-24 months.