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Body Sculpting & Fat Removal

When it comes to fat removal procedures, body sculpting is an effective, non-surgical option for patients. Most body contouring treatments last under two hours, and are generally administered in clinic-based settings. Fast, affordable and effective, the procedures often target stubborn fat-deposits—especially areas resistant to exercise.

Coolsculpting in Northwest Arkansas

Across Northwest Arkansas, the number of patients choosing noninvasive fat removal treatments continues to grow. According to a recent survey of plastic surgeons, non-invasive procedures increased by 180% between 2000-2016. Often called a ‘lunchtime procedure’ by some, body contouring treatments deliver convenience and results—generally without hospital stays, incision or general anesthesia.

“It’s complicated, yet simple. We freeze fat. It’s permanent.”

Nick Gentry, M.D.

Freeze Fat—How Coolsculpting Works

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared procedure that uses cooling and freezing to remove fat. The system isolates and crystallizes fat cells —without freezing or damaging other areas of the body—and destroys the fat cells over time. The body naturally removes the treated fat cells and the treated area appears more toned and sculpted. Unlike other treatments, Coolscuplting permanently eliminates fat cells.

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Body Sculpting vs. Traditional Fat Removal?

While, liposuction was invented in the 1970s, Coolsculpting is a relatively new procedure. Today, it’s the #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure in the world. Unlike liposuction and traditional fat removal surgeries, body sculpting offers many advantages. Some may include:

Affordable — 20% of the cost surgical liposuction 

Virtually painless —no surgery required, clinic-based procedure

Simple — no general general anesthesia, patients remain awake

Fast — minimal downtime, resume physical activity the next day


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